About us

Hello! We’re Clientelify, a HIPAA compliant text message and appointment scheduling solution for professional service providers (e.g. dentists, massage therapists, doctors, etc.).

Why Clientelify?

Clientelify exists to help you schedule text message reminders and offer online booking for your clients.

We strive to make Clientelify the easiest to use text message and appointment scheduling solution in the industry.

Who is Clientelify?

Clientelify is owned and operated by Marketsnitch Inc., a team of 8 experienced technology and business professionals.

We believe that software should help people solve problems. It shouldn’t be confusing or hard to set up; software that requires a tutorial is too complicated.

Every day we work to make our software easier to use so you can spend more time doing what you do best - running your business.

Where is Clientelify?

Clientelify is based out of Toronto, Canada. We currently serve Canada and the US; we plan to expand to other countries shortly!

Have any other questions? Please drop us a line at contact@clientelify.com