You’re here because you’re a dentist, massage therapists, or other professional service provider that wants to book more appointments and eliminate no-shows. This article contains ~13 minutes of Clientelify tutorial videos to show you how to do just that!

Clientelify helps people like you:

  1. Schedule text message appointment reminders to reduce no-shows
  2. Schedule review requests to improve your online reviews
  3. Offer online booking to book more appointments
  4. Schedule text message follow-ups to get customers back in the door

If after the tutorial you still have questions, don’t hesitate to email - we’ll do our best to answer them. Now let’s get started!

Create a free Clientelify account

The first thing you’ll need to do to begin booking more appointments and eliminating no-shows is create a free Clientelify trial account. Creating a Clientelify account is fast, easy, and does not require credit card information. If you like our product, you can upgrade to a paid account after the trial is over (in 7 days).

Tutorial video: create a trial account (1 min)

After you create your trial account, you’ll want to verify your email address, log in to your new account, and set it up.

Tutorial video: set up your trial account (1 min)

Schedule text messages & appointment reminders

Create a contact

In order to schedule a text message (i.e. appointment reminder, review request, etc.), you’ll need to create a contact first.

Tutorial video: create a contact (1 min)

Create a text message template

You don’t need to create a text message template before scheduling a text message / appointment reminder, but doing so saves you from typing out the message more than once. Further, you can add dynamic values like names and appointment times!

Tutorial video: create a text message template (2 min)

Schedule a text message

Now that you have created a contact and a text message template, you can use them to schedule a text message.

Tutorial video: schedule a text message (1 min)

Bulk schedule text messages

Want to schedule more than 1 text message at once? You can schedule up to 250 at once using Clientelify’s bulk CSV message upload feature!

Tutorial video: bulk schedule 50 text messages at once (1 min)

Schedule appointments

Most of our users don’t use our scheduling functionality because Clientelify is great at reducing no-shows without it! Nevertheless, we think you should see how powerful and easy to use our scheduling software is. Let’s check it out!

Create a service

Before you can schedule an appointment, you need to describe the type of appointment you will be scheduling. You do this by creating a service. Services save you from typing out appointment details (like duration or price) more than once.

Tutorial video: create a service (1 min)

Schedule an appointment (with optional reminders)

Now that you have created a service, let’s use it to schedule an appointment!

Scheduled appointments send calendar invites (and updates / cancellations if the appointment is updated / cancelled) to you and the contacts you invite to the appointment. Further, you can easily schedule text messages (i.e. appointment reminders) while creating a new appointment!

Curious to know what appointments you have scheduled for a given day? You can filter by date range and by user to easily check.

Tutorial video: schedule an appointment (2 min)

Offer online booking

Online booking is a great way to increase the amount of new clients you get in the door; ~1/3 of new customers won’t book an appointment if you don’t offer online booking. Thankfully, Clientelify comes with free online booking functionality out of the box.

Offering online booking is as easy as sharing a personalized link to Clientelify’s booking portal.

Tutorial video: online booking (2 min)

Set your working hours

Don’t want to have an appointment booked through online booking when you’re not working or not expecting it? Each Clientelify user can customize their working hours on the settings page. Further, appointments cannot be booked less than 24 hours in advance.

Tutorial video: set your working hours (1 min)

Upgrade your account, invite your team & import contacts

You’ve tried Clientelify, and now you’re interested in using it beyond the 7 day trial period. This section covers how to upgrade your account, invite team members, and import contacts.

Upgrade to a paid account

As you may have noticed, your trial account has a link at the top of each screen that says Upgrade to paid account. Upgrading your account is as simple as clicking that link and completing a couple upgrade steps.

Tutorial video: upgrade to paid account (1 min)

Invite teammates

After you select your plan and add your payment information (when upgrading to a paid account), you will be asked to invite your team members.

Invited team members will receive email invitations to Clientelify. After they join Clientelify, they will have access to your accounts’ contacts, templates, services, messages, appointments, online booking, and settings. Don’t invite anyone that shouldn’t have access to this!

If you’ve upgraded to a paid account and are having trouble inviting team members, email for assistance!

Import your contacts

Do you have a lot of contact information you’d like to import? We can do that for you! Email and we’ll help you avoid recreating your contacts one by one.

Questions not answered by tutorial

Our tutorial isn’t perfect; if none of the above information solved your problem or answered your question, email for help!